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    We Give Back Wednesdays: Call to Safety

    Call to Safety

    Each Wednesday this April, 10% of our sales at She Bop will go to Call to Safety (formerly Portland Women’s Crisis Line). Founded in 1973, Call to Safety was one of the first five sexual violence crisis lines in the United States. Their mission is to end domestic and sexual violence by providing confidential…

  • Guides

    How to choose your first vibrator

    PicoBong Ako

    So you want to buy your first vibrator — or replace a crappy old one. It seems like a daunting task, we know! There are certainly a ton of options out there. But it’s not as difficult as it seems, and believe us, it can be fun and exciting once you’ve been pointed…

  • Small Business Community Night at She Bop (in-person event)

    We’re inviting Portland’s small business community to She Bop for a fun event to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity that makes Portland special. This is for small business owners, operators and entrepreneurs…whether you run a brick-and-mortar, are an independent start-up, or a self-employed artist, we want to invite you to come out for…

  • Core Erotic Theme: Discover Your Personal Erotic Makeup

    Jess DeVries

    Ever wonder why some sexual encounters or fantasies are so much hotter or more satisfying than others? According to Jack Morin, Ph.D. and author of "The Erotic Mind", we all have a Core Erotic Theme (CET) that is unique to our life experiences and preferences. The closer we get to experiencing feelings and emotions…

  • The 7 Biggest Myths about Sex and Aging 

    Joan Price

    Our society believes destructive, limiting myths about sex and aging and, unfortunately, many seniors have internalized these myths. Joan shatters the myths and shares the most common questions that Boomers, seniors, and elders ask her. She’ll answer those questions, too—in the candid, upbeat manner that led the media to dub her “senior sexpert.”

  • Booty Meats Basics

    Dirty Lola

    Interested in spanking or getting spanked but don’t know your booty meats from your thigh meats? Join award-winning sex educator Dirty Lola as she guides you through an exciting exploration into the art of spanking with a LIVE demonstration.

  • All About Daddy Dynamics with Luna Matatas!

    Luna Matatas

    Whether you're a daddy or an admirer of daddies, join this class with Luna Matatas and you'll get tips for communication, care, creativity, building confidence, and taking your daddy fantasies into real life. Daddies and daddy admirers of all genders welcome.

  • It’s Not a Phase: Understanding and Exploring Bisexuality

    What exactly is bisexuality? How can you know if you’re bisexual, and what’s next if you decide you are? In this class, Stella Harris will cover everything from assessing your desires, coming out (if you choose to do so) and even how to explore bisexuality within the context of a monogamous relationship.

  • Banging Beyond the Binary: Trans Sex 101

    Come learn and play with certified sex educator Jamie Joy in an explorative and engaging workshop on gender affirming sex! Whether you identify as gender expansive or play with someone under the trans umbrella, this space is for you. Learn how to find pleasure in your body, how to approach your body and…

  • Queer Your Orgasm!

    Marla Renee Stewart

    Having an orgasm the same way can get redundant and sometimes can even get boring with the same masturbation routine. In this workshop, we're celebrating our pride by finding ways to queer our orgasm and think about the ways that we can induce an orgasm; whether on our own or with someone else.

  • Pleasure After Trauma

    Miss Mackenzee

    No matter the duration of an actual trauma event, the effects can be long lasting. They spill over into our physical bodies and how we react to certain situations. When we feel as though part of ourselves is taken away or lost, it can be a struggle to reclaim it. This class with…

  • All About Daddy Dynamics with Luna Matatas!

    Luna Matatas

    Daddy roleplay can be misunderstood, and some people who are into it can feel shame because they think it's wrong or they'll be judged. The reality is kinky play is usually about roleplay, erotic creativity, and sometimes costumes, power, sensuality, and connection. Join this class with Luna Matatas and you'll get tips for…